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  1. Barkod: 9786053205333
  2. ISBN: 978-605-320-533-3
  3. Ebatı: 17x24
  4. Sayfa Sayısı: 428
  5. Baskı Yılı:
  6. Baski Dili:
  7. Cilt Durumu: 0
  8. Cep Boy: Hayır


The relationship between art and architecture remains a challenging issue today, first and foremost in the domain of architecture, and particularly in art and design schools. To address this issue, the Winter School International Research and Education (WIRE) programme was run in the Gazi University Department of Architecture between 2013 and 2014, with the main theme being “Art and Architecture”, and the sub-themes determined as “Architectural Installation” (2013) and “Archi-Stage/Scene” (2014).
This book is a product of WIRE, including essays on the main theme of “Art and Architecture”, keynotes and the workshop studies conducted during the WIRE programme. The two subthemes, Architectural Installation and Archi-Stage/Scene, spurred new discussions on space, as well as critical assessments of the built environment, and this led the participants to attempt to develop different approaches to promoting their abilities and facing the challenges of modern society by analysing and understanding the changing environment. 
We hope that the book will serve as a source of reference for both students and academicians alike in architecture, art and design schools. To discover the limits and potentials of architecture, WIRE has for two years presented a unique experience to the participants of the programme, and this book has been prepared to share this experience with its readers.

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